Often in ministry, we start to feel overwhelmed by the task before us. Engaging in what I call the action-reflection loop can help. Plan some time for reflection and take stock of where you’re at. Dream about where you want to be. You need clarity in terms of where you currently are and in terms of where your desired destination is, but beyond that, all you need to know is the next step. You don’t need to know the whole way to get here.

Instead of trying (unsuccessfully) to see every step of the way to get where you want to go, just discern the next step. Pray and listen to the Holy Spirit. Allow him to guide your process as you focus on the destination. Then act in obedience to what you’re hearing. After you act, re-engage in reflection to identify your next step. Engaging in an action-reflection process guided by the Holy Spirit will help you focus more on your destination than on feeling overwhelmed by the planning process.