I love January. Every year between Christmas and New Year’s I spend some time thinking about the future. I used to make lots of plans during this time. I still make some plans, but even more than that, I now spend a lot of time in listening prayer. What does God have for me in 2022? How does he want me to invest my time and energy? Where can he use me to do the most good? The answers aren’t always what I expect. And the answers also become clearer over time and as I take steps to move forward in obedience. Sometimes it doesn’t make a lot of sense from my perspective, but I am called to walk forward in faith anyway… and the plans eventually become clear. 

What do I see for 2022? I could be hearing wrong—or hearing only in part—but here’s what I am sensing from God so far as I try to discern his voice. 

Happy New Year 2022 Vision

2022: Back to Basics

What I’m specifically praying about right now is a rather back-to-basics picture of the Kingdom of God. If we move all the way from our calling to make disciples in Matthew 28 to the ultimate celebration of the new heavens and the new earth in Revelation 7, what would that journey look like along the way? What would a simple ministry flow look like from the ground level as I am salt and light in the world? Consider: Is my neighborhood a better place because I am in it? Do those who aren’t followers of Jesus see my good deeds and glorify my Father in heaven? Am I helping, giving, serving, loving like Jesus did? These are questions we can all ask as we assess whether we are on track as difference-makers in the world. 

Intentional Relationships and Coaching

Yet good intentions aren’t enough. Intentionality is needed for us to become more in tune with what the Holy Spirit is saying. It’s one thing to be in supportive relationships, but do you also have cooperative relationships that strategically move you forward? That’s what we all need in order to get where we want to go. We need intentional relationships as we work alongside like-minded people to get there. And coaching helps us to not losing sight of the goal.

I’ve been thinking a lot about intentional relationships that achieve outcomes. If you know me, that’s probably no surprise: it fits neatly with God’s general calling on my life. Right now I’m specifically focusing on creating a coaching excellence track and missional cohorts. I won’t go into specifics about those projects here right now, but the idea is to intentionally develop and grow people through environments that are especially prepared and equipped for that purpose—basically taking a personalized approach that achieves clear outcomes focused on the mission of Jesus. Not just guessing or hoping, but being strategic and intentional about specific goals. 

New Resources in 2022

The resources I’m looking forward to sharing with you all this next year are more along the lines of the vision described above: being focused on the mission of Jesus and then moving in that direction with intentional help and support from others. That’s the why behind the resources that I hope to be working on in 2022. Here are a couple titles that will be releasing soon:

Christian Coaching Excellence: I partnered with Dr. Gary Reinecke to write this book. It’s for coaches who have the basics down and are ready to invest in advanced coaching. We lay out a pathway for growth in coaching and offer insights and exercises to help you grow in the areas you need to work on most. If you want to increase your effectiveness and help those you are coaching achieve greater outcomes, this is an essential resource!

An Undivided Heart: I partnered with Dr. Ralph Plumb on this book. If you long to live and love more like Jesus in 2022, this is the book for you. It offers inspiration and practical ways to help you see and join God at work in the world around you. Reading like a devotional, this is a great option to read through and discuss with a small group.

May God bless you as you listen to his direction for your life and ministry in 2022!