Comunidad Mosaico, a ministry I visited in Mexico City a couple of weeks ago, has launched an interesting initiative. I’ve often spoken of starting with the grassroots if you want to see real change. They’re dialed in to that reality:  they’re starting with teenagers. In September they launched “Youth as Agents of Change” in three local secondary and high schools. The initiative has been well-received by school officials and as a result they’re now working weekly with 450 youth in the areas of values, life skills education, and leadership development.

They are currently praying to identify 50 of these young people and continue to developing them into leaders. Comunidad Mosaico is also working with the families of these youth through a community health initiative with 230 families currently participating. Their hope is that through developing youth into leaders and networking with the families they’d create a launching pad for new house churches in the near future.

How’s that for a good idea? What could your ministry do along those lines?