Are you always looking for more volunteers? There are some faithful folks who diligently show up and help with everything. However, if you really want to see your ministry take off, you want everyone involved. Mobilizing people according to their spiritual gifts is life giving to the individual and to your ministry.

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This series of blog entries covers the ten essential dynamics that allow a church to grow in ways that are healthy, effective, and multiplying. Last week, I talked about Growing Authentic Small Group Communities. This week, I am looking at dynamic #6 for healthy church growth—Mobilizing People According to Their Spiritual Gifts.

Mobilizing People According to Their Spiritual Gifts

Mobilizing people according to their spiritual gifts: Creating a process that assists every believer in discovering how the Holy Spirit has gifted them and then serving in ways aligned with those gifts 

Every Single Person

The work of the ministry is not just for pastors and it’s not just for leaders—it’s for everyone. For this reason, at Pentecost, the Holy Spirit distributed gifts across the whole body of Christ. We all have something to contribute to the coming of the Kingdom of God. Every single person without regard to age, gender, race, or health. 

Step Away from Filling Slots

To that end, we need to help every single believer identify and learn about their own spiritual gifts. Then we can help place them in ministry settings aligned with how God has designed them. It may take some trial and error to find just the right ministry placement, and then that placement may change over time according to people’s seasons of life. Rather than looking to fill ministry slots, aim to utilize the gifts of those God has placed in your care. 

7 Things You Can Do to Mobilize People According to their Spiritual Gifts

  1. Teach about and cast vision for the use of gifts
  2. Create an intentional process for helping everyone identify and understand their gift(s)
  3. Evaluate your selection of ministry opportunities open to those wanting to develop or discover their gifts 
  4. Expand ministry opportunities outside the church if needed 
  5. Connect people with ministry opportunities aligned with their gifting 
  6. Equip leaders to help others discover, develop, and use their gifts in ministry 
  7. Provide support as people discern and refine their ministry placement 

Listen to the Holy Spirit and take some time to assess how your church is currently doing in this area. Then identify some customized action steps you could take to strengthen this dynamic. 


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