No, we can’t do everything. We can’t exhibit a response to every one of the world’s problems. The key question is: how do you focus in on the most important ministry for your life? How do you discover that passion? What are you skilled and gifted to do? What is that specific area of ministry to which God has called you? How do you hear his quiet voice? The next step is to discern God’s calling for your life—the unique contribution through which you can express compassion to a needy world.

God has created us as members of one body, but each of us has a different function, a unique role to play. Each of us has a unique mix of passion, gifting, personality, skills, and talents which all work together to equip us perfectly—either for that moment in time when God calls on us to play our crucial hand; or else to that longer-term ministry where we can most effectively be used to help about to help bring about the purposes of God.