Pastor Al wants to get his church involved in serving their neighborhood more missionally. All his people agree– in theory– but he can’t get them to take even the smallest action in that direction. How can he fight passive resistance?

Reverend Ned’s church is very social and very outreach friendly. They host parenting classes, have outreach parties, and offer Vacation Bible School. But it’s all inside their building and they’re not getting much visitor turnout from people who aren’t already part of the church. How can he focus their attention outside the church walls?

Pastor Eric has a house church of 10 people. He teaches them about missional living, but he’s not seeing the fruit of those teachings.  There’s a shortage of inspiring stories from his people and no one new is coming to the house church. Why is the teaching not working?

They all want change. So what do they actually need to DO?!?

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