This blog entry is by guest blogger Steve Ogne, church planter coach and consultant with CRM. Steve and I worked together for a decade and collaborated on several projects together, including The Church Planter’s Toolkit. Steve’s most recent publication is TransforMissional Coaching: Empowering Leaders in a Changing Ministry World.

Missional leaders are sent ones. They are leaders sent into the world for the sake of the gospel. Most churches are sucking up leaders from the world to serve Christians within the church, rather than commissioning leaders to serve on mission in the world.

Leaders who serve on mission in the world are not just volunteers working in the community. They are sent leaders or volunteers committed to be on mission for Jesus through their community service. This role requires intentional witness as well as community service.

Have you considered commissioning selected school teachers or health professionals? How about commissioning Little League and soccer coaches, as well as team parents, to be on mission to their teams?

Missional leaders are often more passionate about the needs in the world than the needs in the church. Creating and blessing opportunities for leaders to serve in the world will increase–not decrease– the number of leaders available.

What missional leadership opportunities can your church sponsor, bless, or commission?