The Missional Path – Strategic Planning


This downloadable recorded webinar helps you lead your people in making specific, actionable plans to move forward in missional ministry. We’ll help you design a complete system from getting people on board to supporting them along the journey.

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You can see now where you want to go. But how do you lead others along the path to getting there? How do you talk with the people who aren’t on board yet? How do you walk alongside those who are? How do you keep people encouraged along the way? How do you communicate and motivate? What support structures do you need to put in place? We address these questions and more in our recorded webinar, The Missional Path: Strategic Planning. You can help people journey together toward missional living and ministry. And we’ll help you create a clear path you can lead them along. By downloading the recording of the webinar and the accompanying discussion guide, you can process these questions with your team. Show them the webinar, pausing at certain points to work through the material in the discussion guide. Do it on your turf, on your schedule. Immediate delivery — downloadable Webinar recording (MP4) with Discussion Guide (PDF) Note: Permission is granted to the purchaser to reproduce unlimited copies of this discussion guide for use in his/her organization. Permission is granted to the purchaser to show the webinar to others in her/her organization. Please do not distribute either the original PDF or the original recording.