Meetings: Managing Meetings Skill Builders Booklet


Meetings will be successful if people feel that they have been of value. This booklet highlights approaches that can increase the value of your meetings.


Meetings are a part of everyday life for most people, both in and out of work. Just as council meetings, community gatherings, sub-committees, and teams of all kinds meet to discuss issues or get things done, organizations use meetings as formal mechanisms to help the wheels of progress turn smoothly.

Meetings are important to organiZations but many people see them as extremely boring, confusing and a waste of time. In fact, most of us can tell stories about frustrating or annoying meetings we have had to endure. The objective of this booklet is to provide a useful and effective approach to managing meetings, thereby reducing frustration and making them more useful. We will look at whether a meeting is actually necessary in the first place, how to go about preparing for a meeting, how it should be conducted, and how it can be managed to a successful conclusion. The primary emphasis is on two main aspects:

1. The structure of an effective meeting (dealing with procedural aspects that should ideally be followed).
2. The effective management of people’s time and input in order to create a positive and useful experience.

Ultimately, all meetings will be successful if the people involved feel that they have been of value. This booklet highlights some of the approaches that can increase the value of your meetings, if adopted and regularly practiced.

Another resource you may find helpful is the Effective Meeting Management Storyboard.


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