The Discipleship Cycle


Create an action plan to help you determine your next steps to grow and multiply disciples using the Discipleship Cycle in your ministry.


How can we make and grow disciples—all the way from the harvest fields to full maturity in Jesus? And how can we do that in the context of a larger community, ensuring that people are not isolated from one another but moving forward together on their spiritual journeys? How can we do that in a way that relies on the leading of the Holy Spirit and allows us to meet each person where they currently are on their journey?

This six-stage discipleship cycle begins at the top with focusing your vision. It then guides you through the essential steps of implementing discipleship in your community… all as you journey together in the footsteps of Jesus, following wherever he is leading.

If you’re ready to take a deeper look at discipleship and how you can apply it effectively in your ministry, consider our book, The Discipleship Difference.


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