Creativity and Innovation Coaching Guide with Storyboard



We can only be truly creative if we have an alternative or different perspective to everyone else (often in commonplace or familiar situations where most people think broadly in the same way).

Creativity does not occur as a phenomenon that is independent from its wider situational circumstances, nor is creativity the domain of only creative ‘types’ although of course, people vary considerably in their apparent ability to be creative when called upon to do so. The reality is that in the right circumstances, any individual can be creative or at least be more creative than they were, just by having a new or different view from everyone else.

Given that every person has the potential to be creative, we all therefore, have the opportunity to translate our unique personal perspectives and views of the world into new ideas and concepts that can be useful not only for ourselves personally, but also for others.

This coaching guide is presented in four sequential stages consisting of:

  • Initiate greater creative thinking by being more inquisitive and curious.
  • Develop and nourish new ideas to help them to grow.
  • Evolve the ideas and find appropriate prototyping opportunities to test their use and contribution.
  • Action the new idea and adopt as much courage of your convictions as possible to follow things through.

This guide and storyboard provide a way to move through these creativity and innovation competencies in a sensible and cohesive way.

Other helpful resources in this area include the Creativity and Innovation Effectiveness Profile and the Creativity and Innovation Skill Builder Booklet.


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