Church Planting Coaching Guide and Storyboard


For church planters and planting teams as well as those who coach them, this downloadable coaching guide provides a clear framework for starting, growing and reproducing churches. Concise and practical, this a go-to resource for new church development. Downloadable PDF file.



A valuable resource for church planters, their teams and their coaches, The Church Planting Coaching Guide provides you with a concise overview of the planting process, including basic pieces you need to have in place. Here are the topics the guide covers, together with key questions to consider for each area and discuss with your team:

  • Birth vision out of prayer
  • Mobilize an initial leadership team
  • Confirm spiritual and relational health
  • Understand your target group
  • Serve and reach unbelievers
  • Train and multiply disciples
  • Multiply disciple-making communities
  • Determine action plans for startup
  • Celebrate and worship together
  • Lead and manage as you grow
  • Embrace a kingdom focus
  • Continue multiplication

This planning guide serves as a tool to work through with your team as you plan and create action steps that will fit in your context. With a basic structure for church planting in hand, plus help in discovering the right questions to start asking, you’ll find you’re much better prepared for the adventure that lies ahead.

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