Leading Church MultiplicationFor those of you responsible for overseeing churches started, a new book by Tom Nebel and Steve Pike was recently released. Leading Church Multiplication has clearly been written by people who have sat in your chair. They have sought to stimulate and resource church planting and multiplication and, as a result, speak from a wealth of experience.

How do you create a culture through your communications? What is the role of partnership? How do you cast vision in a way that reinforces your direction? How do you maintain momentum? Their wisdom is reflected in the breadth of the questions they tackle.

The broad perspective in part 1 gives way in part 2 to a description of specific systems necessary for church multiplication.  Nebel and Pike pare it down to the most crucial areas, and include lots of practical wisdom drawn from their experience that will help support implementation. Part 3 addresses some key mistakes to avoid and develops some further insights that can be contextualized for specific ministries.

If part of your role includes the oversight of church multiplication, this book is one you need to read, digest, and apply.