*Respond to the Spirit
*Start new initiatives
*Bridge to new cultures

Multiplying whole communities of Jesus followers may seem like a rather big-picture and complex endeavor, and it’s certainly not something that everyone is supposed to spearhead. But it is something for us all to be a part of in some way, because it is necessary for expanding the kingdom of God as Jesus told us to. Whether you’re the person who sets up the chairs, or the intercessor, or the person with an idea for reaching out, or the person who writes blog entries about it, we all play a part in multiplying communities.

What is our goal? Our goal is to make disciples. Disciples gather together. The New Testament calls those gatherings churches. Therefore, we are multiplying communities of Jesus followers, whatever form those communities take. We look and notice where God is moving, and we respond to the Spirit by joining him there. We can form new initiatives and try new things… some will work and some won’t. That’s okay. But as we bridge into new cultures—new languages, new generations, new subcultures, new socio-economic groups, new regions—we are following Jesus command to take the gospel into Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the earth. This is the continuation of church history, and we’re a part of it.