In Guatemala, 50% of the population self-identifies as evangelical, but the communities have not been transformed. That’s a bunch of people who say they’re following Jesus. Yet there is still rampant corruption and injustice in the country. If 50% of the people were really living as Jesus lived, things would look different. There is something wrong with discipleship that doesn’t result in transformation.

If we truly lived as Jesus lived, connecting with the Father, allowing the Spirit to transform our life, and becoming more like Jesus in character, amazing things will start happening. We’ll be living authentically in our relationships. We’ll be serving and ministering to the poor. We’ll be engaged in issues of justice as Jesus was. We’ll be involved in community transformation, making the places where we are better than they were.

If the main focus is on making disciples—the right kind of disciples—then we’ll see more followers of Jesus and a more transformed communities.