Introducing the Lutheran version of our discipleship guidesDid you know we now have customized Lutheran versions of our discipleship guides available?

We’ve now produced three denominational versions. In addition to the Lutheran version, we also have Vineyard and Episcopal versions available. What we do is start with the general principles in our Guide for Discipling, then work with denominational leaders who contextualize the material for their groups.

What we’ve discovered is that about 70% of the material remains exactly the same, 20% has vocabulary changes that don’t significantly affect meaning, and 10% is unique flavoring to that denominational group. Often an introduction is added to the beginning and connections to how the group does discipleship are added at the end.

Because we begin with material that is principle-based rather than methodological, we don’t tend to need to contextualize as much. If you’re interested in creating a similarly customized version for your denomination or network, please get in touch.

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash