Today is the day! We cannot be more excited to introduce you to an exciting new resource: Christian Coaching Tools!

Christian Coaching Tools


Connect with the resources and training that have brought coaching competence and success to over 10,000 coaches in more than 100 countries—all in one place! Introducing Whether you are new to coaching or a seasoned coach, we have something for you. Head on over to find the absolute best tools for Christian Coaching.


Check our our FREE downloadable documents that every coach needs. You can also subscribe to a brand new blog to get regular coaching tips from top Christian coaches and the latest coaching resources.

Assessment (Coming soon!)

Assessment is a powerful tool for targeted growth. We will host the only researched-based 360° Christian Coaching Assessment that is proven to accurately identify your coaching strengths and areas for development. Upon completion of the assessment, your report will direct you to updated resources that specifically address your needs so you can maximize your time and efforts to raise your effectiveness as a coach.


Training for every level of coaching in a variety of contexts. We are now offering 5 unique coach training paths:

  • Independent Self-Study – A great way to kick-start your coaching journey and learn the fundamentals of coaching.
  • Personalized Coach Mentoring – One-on-one mentoring to accelerate your growth as a coach.
  • Equip People to Coach- A training kit with everything you need to train discipleship coaches.
  • Coaching Excellence Track- The next step for experienced coaches who want to raise their effectiveness.
  • Reproducible Coach Training- A training customize

More Resources on the Horizon!

Following closely in the wake of the new website is a brand new book! If you have been coaching for a while and desire to raise your effectiveness this is the book for you. Christian Coaching Excellence takes coaches beyond the basics, offers a map for developing coaching excellence, and provides paths for targeted growth in coaching competencies and behavioral expressions. Take your coaching to the next level with Christian Coaching Excellence! Look for this book to be released in the coming weeks.