For the next several days on my blog, I’m going to be featuring some entries from Jean-Luc Krieg, whom I met in Mexico City earlier this summer. I know my own eyes were opened in new ways on this trip to the mission field of the urban poor, and Jean-Luc’s ministry was a big part of that.

Some of these entries will be a bit longer than those I usually write, but they are well-worth taking the time to ponder. Jean-Luc will be sharing parts of his earlier story—before he came to Mexico City—that have shaped his thinking on faith, poverty, multi-culturalism, and urban ministry. We all have different stories—and those stories have a significant impact on how we approach the ministry God has called us to.

With each blog entry, I’m going to suggest a question or two to help us think through similar themes or issues in our lives and how those have impacted our perspective. I think that through sharing parts of our stories, we can come to a greater appreciation of the holistic nature of the gospel and our faith.