Disciples who seize the mission of JesusAs we become disciples, we make disciples. This is the crux of making disciples: when we make disciples who seize the mission of Jesus so that they go on making more disciples, who make more disciples, who make more disciples.

What is the proof of discipleship? If we love him we obey his commands.

The reproduction of disciples is so critical to being a disciple. They are simultaneous. We become disciples as we are making disciples. We are making disciples as we are becoming disciples. They go together…. Because this is the mission of Jesus. Consider:

  • How are you helping make disciples of others?
  • How are you helping those disciples make more disciples?

As we continue to grow in the knowledge and grace of God, and living and loving like Jesus did, we are also engaging in making disciples– all at the same time. Hopefully as we grow, we’ll become increasingly effective at making disciples… but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t start now. Making disciples isn’t optional– it’s part of what it means to be a disciple. Formation and multiplication together are what will truly make a difference for the Kingdom.