You want to create a caring environment for your staff or leadership team. You also want to get things done. This dilemma is often one that senior leaders face. Yet it’s not the either/or situation we may think it is at first glance.

When I was a pastor leading a staff team, I was definitely the guy that wanted to get things done. I loved goals, accomplishing them, and moving on to the next goal. Yet I found that the pace I set wore out some of my staff, so—if I wanted to get anything done—I was going to have to change the way I was leading.

I began getting together with staff members one on one, getting to know them as people and enjoying them more. I began praying with and for them more often. I invited their feedback on initiatives and asked their perspectives. I was amazed in just a few months what a difference that made in the culture. We weren’t simply a working team—we were a community.

Guess what else I saw? I saw increased productivity. I saw higher levels of energy and investment. And I saw staff members beginning to engage in the same types of behaviors with the lay leaders they were overseeing. It trickled down.

Creating a caring environment isn’t done at the expense of getting things done. It’s a step toward doing things better… and in a way that’s much more aligned with the way of Jesus.

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Photo by Natalie Pedigo on Unsplash