airplanesWhen I go on airplanes, I pray that people won’t talk to me. Yes, I know. Some people use going on airplanes as looking for witnessing opportunities. But being an introvert, I love the opportunity for the downtime and I’m usually planning to either rest or get some work done on a project. However, even introverts have to be open to those divine opportunities.

I was once traveling with my wife when I somehow got engaged in a conversation with a woman sitting directly in front of me. She asked, “Are you a spiritual person?”  I may have had a book that perked her interest and led her to talk about spiritual things– the details are fuzzy. But when it got to the point that she got up on her seat poking her head over the seatback asking me spiritual questions, I thought, “Hey, maybe God is doing something here.”

So I put away my papers and my plans and had a lengthy conversation about spiritual things. I was in my mode of wanting to unplug from people, but God placed this person who was obviously spiritually receptive directly in my path. Be open to have what God may have to surprise you.