wisdom in the roomThere’s a saying that you don’t want to know or see how the sausage is made. Yet in the context of resource development, the process can be fascinating. At Logan Leadership, we have developed a procedure by which we gather knowledge from various practitioners and synthesize it to create new resources.

Here’s an example of work we did with one para-church organization:

First we gathered 20-25 practitioners from the organization in a computer lab. We presented the problem and the need, then began a threaded discussion on an online forum by asking a few core questions. Everyone began inputting their wisdom and experience, then interacting with one another. Because everyone was “talking at once,” so to speak, the process was efficient and allowed for individual focus and concentration. The resulting threaded discussion provided the content for Logan Leadership to search for common themes and underlying principles and produce a set of coaching guides (the particular resource that was needed in this case) addressing the issue.

In this way, we can develop customized resources from scratch by extracting the wisdom in the room around a problem that needs to be solved. What challenges are you facing in your ministry context? What resources might be needed to address the problem? How might Logan Leadership be able to help you gather, synthesize, and sort the essential ideas and information to create usable, customized tools for your leaders? If you’d like to discuss a potential project, contact us.  

Photo by Dylan Gillis on Unsplash