You can see now where you want to go. But how do you lead others along the path to getting there? How do you talk with the people who aren’t on board yet? How do you walk alongside those who are? How do you keep people encouraged along the way? How do you communicate and motivate? What support structures do you need to put in place?

We’ll address these questions and more at our upcoming webinar The Missional Path: Strategic Planning. You can help people journey together toward missional living and ministry. And we’ll help you create a clear path you can lead them along.

Join us for Logan Leadership’s next webinar:

  •  The Missional Path: Strategic Planning
  • Thursday November 10 at 11:00am Pacific Time
  • Visit EventBrite to register

Choose the combination that works for you:  live webinar, recorded webinar, and accompanying workbook. Participate in the live webinar yourself, then watch the recorded version with your team later. To make it easy to process with your team, you can press pause at certain points in the webinar and work through the material in the accompanying workbook. Then come back and watch the next segment together. Do it on your turf on your schedule.

 Take your pick: *Live webinar * Recorded webinar * Accompanying workbook*