Luke 10:2b: “Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”

Excerpt from Neil Cole’s excellent book Organic Leadership:

As I mentioned in Organic Church, I have actually set my mobile phone alarm to go off at 10:02 every morning to remind me of this verse in Luke so that I can remember to beg for workers. In fact I spread the passage wherever I go. We call this the 10:2b virus, based on the reference in Luke 10:2b, which commands us to beg for workers for the harvest. God ahead and put the book down at this point, get out your cell phone or PDA, and program the alarm to go off at 10:02. Join the movement. Spread the virus.

When my alarm goes off, whomever I am with and whatever I am doing, I stop and explain what the alarm means, and we pray. I also have those with me set their alarms.

As I travel around the globe, I spread the virus to each time zone. Cell phones are ringing every day, all day, all over the planet. Prayers are going up every hour of every day begging for the Lord of the harvest to do something miraculous in our day. How could we not see a global harvest when we are all obediently doing exactly what he told us to do?

This is a simple, reproducible practice that builds in the DNA of prayer for workers for the harvest.