Emotional Intelligence Storyboard


The emotional intelligence storyboard explores eleven related competencies to help you deal with others in day-to-day situations.


Emotional Intelligence Storyboard: Emotional intelligence (EI for short) has become a familiar term in recent years, and has come to be seen as something which individuals should be able to effectively apply as often as possible. This is particularly the case in leadership situations of various kinds or in dealing with other people in day to day communications. The term emotional intelligence draws on two simple concepts. To be “intelligent” or “applying knowledge appropriately” and to be “emotionally astute” or “tuned in”, or “applying feelings appropriately”.

This storyboard covers several important areas of emotional intelligence, including:

  • The range of your emotions
  • The links between feelings and behavior
  • Your own strengths and limitations
  • Different emotional intelligence styles
  • Self control and adaptability
  • Personal accountability and commitment
  • Your emphasis on open versus systems minded
  • Your emphasis on feelings versus facts focus
  • Your personal responses and reactions
  • Emotional intelligence competencies
  • The potential to adopt different styles

Presented in four sequential stages, this storyboard provides a way to move through these eleven emotional intelligence competencies in a sensible and cohesive way.

Other helpful resources in this area include the Emotional Intelligence Skill Builder Booklet. You can purchase this storyboard in conjunction with the Emotional Intelligence Coaching Guide here.


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