Hi, I’m Bob. You may remember me as the author of the
Church Planter’s toolkit. I began my
journey in church planting in the late 70’s, and have spent 3 decades
developing various ministry and leadership resources. However, I prefer not to be thought of as
an old fogey. Hence the picture. Although the old part is true, the fogey part
doesn’t become true until a person stops thinking new thoughts and starting new


That’s where this blog comes in: reflections, ponderings, and reconsiderations
of church and ministry. 


Church as usual isn’t working. I know it and you know it. It’s way too complicated and you’re not even
getting the results you want. You know
there’s more, and you’re getting frustrated. As a visionary, you can see the need for something
new– something simple, something real and authentic. I see that need too.  I’m currently planting a network of missional
house churches with multi-ethnic leaders in Los Angeles, so I see the cultural
shifts that have taken place and how they change the way church looks and

Lots of change is on the horizon. And instead of getting mad at the church, get
excited about what God
wants to do. Get
free. Get free from the constraints of
structures and programs that don’t work anymore.


Instead of continuing to do church as
usual, we have a unique chance– a window of opportunity– to see the kingdom
expanded in breathtaking ways. Dissatisfaction
can be channeled into positive energy and change. I’m going that direction. And I’m looking for other people who want to
go there too.


Through this blog, I want to help
innovative, missional leaders create templates, strategies and resources that
will help you move toward the visions God has given you. I believe we are on the verge of a seismic
shift in the church today and the possibility of a significant breakthrough is
upon us. This is a time for fresh
thinking and for decisive action. I want
to be a part of that. If you do too,
join me here.