360-Degree Online Coach Assessment

Are you ready to take the next step to grow as a coach? Start strategically by figuring out which specific skills you need to sharpen. The 360-Degree Online Coach Assessment — named for its ability to provide feedback from the range of perspectives — is a research-based assessment tool built around nine core coaching competencies. It’s an effective way to get quick, accurate feedback on a person’s current level of coaching skills from four different perspectives:

  • their own
  • someone they have coached
  • someone who has coached them
  • a peer

Taking in the full range of perspectives yields a useful, balanced snapshot of a coach’s ability to operate in each of the nine core competency areas. With those results, you can more create a more effective and targeted personal action plan for growth in a specific area of your coaching skills. This assessment is a solid way to see how your competencies stack up against coaches who consistently produce excellent results.

There’s a big difference between hoping you become competent and ensuring that you become competent when it comes to coaching. If you’re ready to take action to multiply your effectiveness as a coach, contact us to get started. Price: $99 per assessment

Coaching competencies measured in this assessment


  • Abiding in Christ
  • Self-assessing
  • Communicating


  • Establishing
  • Supporting
  • Concluding


  • Diagnosing
  • Planning
  • Monitoring