My frog

Here’s a little tidbit I’ll just throw out there for free. If you’ve been in a smaller-sized training or consultation with me you may recognize the picture accompanying this blog entry. That’s my frog. After we finish a session, I like to toss the frog. Each person the frog is tossed to needs to share something gleaned from our time together. It can be an ah-ha lightbulb moment, a question, a thought, a reminder, a realization, anything. Eventually the frog is tossed to everyone and we’ve all had a chance to reflect on the gathering. I’ve found this to be a great closing exercise that helps solidify the learnings. You’re welcome to steal it if you’d like…the idea, not the frog. I like my frog.

Why is small such a big deal?

A small thought with big implications, from Neil Cole:

“Why is small such a big deal? Small does not cost at all. Small is easy to reproduce. Small is more easily changed and exchanged. Small is mobile. Small is harder to stop. Small is intimate. Small is simple. Small infiltrates easier. Small is something people think they can do. Big does not do any of these things. We can change the world more quickly by becoming much smaller in our strategy.”

As Seth Godin boldly declares: “Small is the new big.”

I recommend Neil’s blog.

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