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Group Baptism

Let’s take some time to celebrate. Last week our church was able to participate in a baptism celebration for a number of people in the transition center network where we’re serving. Together with the residents and another church that is serving here we had over 20...

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The starfish group

One woman in my church plant has started a new group. One of the members, new to both the group and the church, wanted to call the group “the starfish group,” after the book The Starfish and the Spider—with the idea being that the group is set up to multiply right...

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Follow the promptings of the Spirit

One of my friends went to the grocery store last week. As he was checking out, he had a strong impression to buy a rack of ribs. He didn't need ribs, but the sensation didn't go away. So he bought a rack of ribs anyway. As he drove home, he decided to give the...

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Start with listening prayer

Yesterday, our house church spent time in listening prayer. We asked God questions and waited quietly to sense the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Questions raised included ones like: Lord, what should be be asking you? What have you already shown us? Where are...

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Imagine being an expectant first-time mother or father taking a parenting class. The instructor starts out talking about early infancy, and all of the pregnant women and their husbands are nodding and taking notes. But then their expressions become increasingly...

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Information overload

Why do we keep doing it? We try to cram everything someone could possibly someday need to know into their orientation or training. We overload them with information, and their practice doesn’t have a chance to catch up. Essentially, we are educating people beyond...

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Convoy Mentality

We tend to believe that for organizational change to take place, we must first get everyone on the same page, ready to move along in the same direction. We will all go together in a big convoy. Until everyone is ready to move, no one moves. While it would be nice to...

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Corporate ADD

If you’re a leader and your people aren’t listening to you, it’s quite likely that you’ve trained them not to listen to you. We engage in a pattern of starting something, losing focus, starting something different, and so on. When we behave this way repeatedly, we are...

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