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Changing to connect, part 2

Today’s blog entry is by guest blogger Dr. Parnell Lovelace. In order to connect to urban core of the city, our church sought to disconnect from elements that blocked impactful ministry. The church had to change to connect. Steps had to be taken to move the church into candid discussion and ...

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Changing to connect

Today’s blog entry is by guest blogger Dr. Parnell Lovelace. An extraordinary trend is emerging within many urban cities and communities: churches are being planted in the urban centers of large cities in America. As many cities are redeveloping and expanding, there is an emergence of new church planters that are ...

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Can’t we all just be friends?

Sometimes people have an expectation that when you work together as a team, everyone needs to be friends—buddies who go out and do things together outside of work time. Many teams do function like that, and that’s fine if it works. But not all teams have to function like that. You ...

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Thinking about getting a writing assistant?

Every once in a while I’m asked by colleagues about my writing assistant, Tara. It’s been a huge time saver for me to have someone to help me write my books, prepare presentations, design training materials, and even write these blog entries. Sometimes people ask me about how they could work ...

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Open vs closed questions

I’ve noticed that people who ask closed questions are most often trying to lead the other person, trying to anticipate the answer, or trying to validate their own perspective. Essentially, they are trying to control or steer the conversation to a predetermined conclusion or to as topic of their own agenda. ...

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