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Person of Peace

When God is at work in starting a new gathering of believers, he often lays the foundation within a “person of peace.” They are a bridge person who brings the message of Jesus into their own community. This person can be the first domino in a chain reaction among a ...

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Good soil doesn’t always look like we expect

Who is most receptive to the gospel? In Jesus’ day, it was tax collectors, prostitutes, lepers, beggars, etc. Not a lot has changed. “Nice people” are often more out of touch with their need for God. •“Bad” people make good soil, there is a lot of fertilizer in their lives. “I ...

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Who’s in your oikos?

Oikos is the Greek word for household. It is the fundamental unit of society involving families, friends, neighbors, and associates. The New Testament describes churches meeting in the oikos, and it teaches that believers belong to the “household” of God. The spread of the gospel happens most effectively through close ...

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Where to start?

As Christians, we often see so many lost people around us that we don’t know where to start. Even though many seeds are planted, they don’t all produce a crop. Some seeds are taken up by the birds, some have no root and some are crushed by thorns. Where are ...

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Pastor to the Community: Discernment

By guest blogger Randy Lovejoy, part 2 of 2. As I open the door and walk in I feel the cool air hit my face. It is 8:20am and it is already beginning to heat up in the Echo Park community in Los Angeles. But the air conditioning combined with the sepia colored ...

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