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A conversation with Bob Logan

Developing a coaching culture greatly enhances ministry fruitfulness. Whether a church or a network of churches, mobilizing and multiplying coaches to come alongside of people provides personalized support and increases results. This week the Vineyard Multiply group posted a transcript of an interview with me and Tom Camacho, their new coaching overseer.  You can ...

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To transform a city

To Transform A City is the highly acclaimed book by Eric Swanson and Sam Williams that begins with the premise that as of a few years ago, more people across the world live in urban areas than in rural areas. That significant demographic shift requires the church to consider how we ...

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The spiritual heritage of place

God has a dream for the place where you live and minister. You are joining a story already in progress-- the story of what God is already doing in your city or town. Study the spiritual heritage of where you are living. I live in Los Angeles-- the city of angels. ...

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Simplicity: a step beyond the complex

For years and years now I’ve said that simplicity is a step beyond the complex. I may have gotten the phrase from somewhere, but I no longer remember where. When we initially dive into a new subject, we might think simplistically: “I know what I’d do if I were in charge ...

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Where are people gathering?

Church planters talk all the time about the trouble we have gathering people. Yet when we look at it from another perspective, people gather all the time. I heard Jay Pathak speak recently and he asked the question, “Where are people gathering and why?” They gather in all sorts of places: ...

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