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Visual processors

I've been writing a series on my blog about how different people process their thoughts differently. So far I've covered audio processors-- who process through talking and listening-- and what I call artistic/experiential processers-- who process via diagrams, pictures, multiple perspectives, and through experiences. The last form of processing I'm covering in ...

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Artistic and experiential processers

Artistic and experiential processers

Yesterday on my blog I wrote about how some people are audio processers. They need to be able to talk-- and hear themselves talk-- to process their thinking. Others tend to be experiential or artistic processers. Some find that drawing pictures or diagrams provides a helpful way for them to process. At one ...

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What Was, What Is, What Could Be, What Should Be, What Will Be

Tom De Vries recently shared with me a learning he picked up at a Leadership Network conference... the five realities that leaders simultaneously function within: What Was, What Is, What Could Be, What Should Be, What Will Be What Was: This is your history, what happened, your roots. What Is: Your current ...

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How to have that tough conversation with a client

Yesterday I wrote about working with clients that aren't motivated. There's no reason to keep working with a person who doesn't want to change or is for some reason not able to change. Sometimes the person is overwhelmed or distracted for legitimate reasons: a spouse diagnosed with cancer, a family crisis ...

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Planning for retirement: what will be your ongoing contribution?

Yesterday I wrote about planning for retirement financially. There's a second way we need to plan for our retirement, and that's thinking about our Kingdom contribution. What are we going to DO during retirement? In my opinion, we never fully retire. If we're here on earth we're supposed to be ...

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