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Invest where you see things growing

Michael Gatlin, pastor of Duluth Vineyard and director of Multiply Vineyard, follows the practice of “investing where you see things growing.”  When you see a particular harvest field yielding good crops, how can you send in more workers to tend and harvest that field? When you see someone is being ...

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Everybody gets to play

Everybody gets to play-- that’s one of my favorite sayings from the Vineyard movement. But here’s a question: If everybody gets to play, where’s the playbook? What are the little pieces that you can help people with so they can participate more easily? Here are a few simple playbooks: Show-how training: a ...

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Video clip training

A while back I was thinking of ways to make training more easily reproducible, and I came up with the idea of video clip training. Basically, you identify the material you need to cover and break it down into little units. Do a 3-5 minute video clip for each unit ...

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How has God led you in the past?

When I’m coaching people, I’ve found this question to be extremely helpful. By encouraging people to reflect on what has worked for them in the past, how God has blessed them up until now, and where they have seen fruit, they quite often have insights that give them direction for ...

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Intentionalizing the spontaneous

I began coaching a leader in a growing organization recently and he came to an important realization: what had been working for leadership development and discipleship in the past wasn’t working as well anymore. Some of the dynamics had changed since the organization had grown. In the past, he’d had ...

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