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No new blog entries for a while!

We’ve doing a complete revamp of our website, so we’re going to take a three-week break on posting new blog entries while we finish up building the new site.

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The Church: The Center of Healing

Today’s entry is by guest blogger, Dr. Parnell Lovelace. Recent events in Charleston, South Carolina, have awakened us to the fact that our culture, our nation, and our communities are in need of healing and understanding. I was moved to hear that the nine shooting victims at Mother Emanuel AME Church ...

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Pastoring the City

Today's entry is by guest blogger, Dr. Parnell Lovelace. I am often amused at young church planters that launch out with the perspective that it is up to them to reach the city for Jesus. As a church planter myself, I remember thinking our church would be the better alternative than ...

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Resource development with Logan Leadership

At Logan Leadership, we love developing resources. It’s long been a favorite venture to come alongside organizations and create resources geared specifically to their goals and needs. I'm currently revamping my whole website and integrating it more with my blog. New resources will be a significant part of that. So here's how ...

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The four principles of resource development

Here are the four principles we use at Logan Leadership that form the basic approach to how we go about developing resources: Principle-based: Certain things are timeless: the power and presence of the Holy Spirit in his church, the great commission Jesus left us with, the light we are to bring ...

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