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Visual processors

I've been writing a series on my blog about how different people process their thoughts differently. So far I've covered audio processors-- who process through talking and listening-- and what I call artistic/experiential processers-- who process via diagrams, pictures, multiple perspectives, and through experiences. The last form of processing I'm covering in ...

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Artistic and experiential processers

Artistic and experiential processers

Yesterday on my blog I wrote about how some people are audio processers. They need to be able to talk-- and hear themselves talk-- to process their thinking. Others tend to be experiential or artistic processers. Some find that drawing pictures or diagrams provides a helpful way for them to process. At one ...

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What Was, What Is, What Could Be, What Should Be, What Will Be

Tom De Vries recently shared with me a learning he picked up at a Leadership Network conference... the five realities that leaders simultaneously function within: What Was, What Is, What Could Be, What Should Be, What Will Be What Was: This is your history, what happened, your roots. What Is: Your current ...

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How to have that tough conversation with a client

Yesterday I wrote about working with clients that aren't motivated. There's no reason to keep working with a person who doesn't want to change or is for some reason not able to change. Sometimes the person is overwhelmed or distracted for legitimate reasons: a spouse diagnosed with cancer, a family crisis ...

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Not planning for retirement: free financial advice

I am increasingly surprised by the number of people who haven't been planning for retirement. As I have conversations with people that are approaching retirement age, many are not prepared financially. They are stuck; they don't have sufficient income to live after retiring from their jobs. In some cases, it's ...

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